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An Introduction to the Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine enables you to perform weight training exercises. You perform exercises on the leg press machine by way of simply pushing a weight away from yourself by using your legs. Commonly, there are two kinds of leg press machine that you should regard. There is the vertical or diagonal sled type of leg press machine, and the cable type of leg press. Historically, one of the very first versions of the leg press machine was invented by the old-time strength training athlete Sig Klein. His version consisted of a simple board that had weights attached to it that he would chain to a wall. With him lying on his back, he would push up against the board with his feet and do repetitions that way.

Parts of the Body Targeted

The leg press machine has as its intended target four of the muscle groups in your legs. It goes after the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the calves (in a partial way) and the gluteus maximus. Because these body parts receive the workout, you will notice that your lower body strength (everything from your ankle extensors to your hips and even your knee joints) will improve. If you want to target one group of the aforementioned muscles more than another group, you should simply change up the angle between the backrest and the machine's sled. You may also switch the angle between the sled and the position of your feet on the plate.

Safe and Proper Use of Machine

Fundamental rules should always be followed, like ensuring that you don't lift too great a weight, and as soon as you feel pain, stop immediately. You must also take care to always breathe, especially during the effort phase of your leg press exercise. With your head and back leaning on the machine's padded support, take a seat. Place your feet on the machine's foot plate so that your heels are flat. Make certain at this point that your knees are not bent outward or inward, but directly in line with your feet. Be careful that your rear end is never raised from the platform of the seat. You will recognize if that is the case if you notice, from your reclined position, that your knees appear as though they are in front of your eyes and you start developing cramps. Finally, grip the assist handles.

Leg Press Machine Exercise

There is really only one type of exercise on the leg press machine. It involves pushing the platform away from you with your heels. At the same time, push forward with your legs while pushing back into your seat pad. Keep your head steady and against the back of the seat. Return the machine's foot plate to its initial position by slowly bending your legs as you still keep your feet flat on the surface of the foot plate.

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