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An Introduction to the Back Extension Rack

The back extension rack is a type of exercise equipment that exists for the purpose of strengthening your lower back muscles. It is so common today that you should be able to find it in most fitness centers and health clubs. They're usually located near the free-weight equipment or near the abdominal machines. Back extension occurs when you straighten your spine after it as been positioned in a forward-curl manner. Historically, the back extension rack has its roots in the Roman chair, which sometimes is known as the back extension rack. Created by Belgian bodybuilder Louis Durlacher, it has much in common with the back extension rack.

Body Parts that Are Targeted

The body parts that are targeted in your basic back extension rack workout are the lower back muscles. The back extension rack can also be used to strengthen and work the back of your legs and the sides of your torso. All the benefits of exercising those muscles can be achieved with just a little bit of adjustment on the back extension rack. You also work out your hips by straightening out your hip joints. When you straighten your hip joints, you are automatically exercising the muscles in your hamstring as well as your glutes.

Safe and Proper Use

The first thing you have to ensure to achieve a degree of proper use with the back extension rack is setting the height accurately, according to your body's needs. This is essential because when you stand in the back extension rack, you want to make sure that its supporting pads are no higher than where your pelvis is. Ensure that you assume the proper position on the rack by standing in the assigned foot rests; then you should lean forward onto the support pads. To avoid injury from improper use, ensure that your back is straight when you lower your body down onto the rack. Make certain that your back is still as straight as can be when you consequently go to raise your back slowly, by using the lower back muscles.


Some good exercises to get you oriented with how the back extension rack works are your basic core beginner exercises. Start with a basic back extension, which will have you standing in the foot rests with your thighs leaning into the pads and your hands behind your head. In this position, lean forward slowly and then keep your head down until you can't lean forward any further. Then, bring yourself back up again only using your back muscles. A more complex exercise involves putting a weighted bar across your shoulders. Basically, you should do everything as the aforementioned exercise, with the only difference now being the bar across your shoulders and your hands and arms resting on it as you work out.

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