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An Introduction to the Aerobic Step

The aerobic step is a device which allows you to do aerobics exercises for the purpose of getting a cardio-respiratory reaction from the concept of lifting your body weight. While this concept has been around since the 1950s, it was not until the 1980s that aerobic step came into being in an organized fitness setting and, thus, mainstream popularity. An entrepreneurial woman by the name of Gin Miller is credited with bringing aerobic step to the masses when she finally succeeded in getting Reebok to listen to her idea of innovating step aerobics. Today, aerobic step is very popular in many gyms around the country, and classes for this exercise method are offered where there is a group exercise program.

Parts of Body Intended to Benefit

Aerobic step intends to work out your cardiovascular system because it is an exercise that is at its heart endurance training. Your joints also are intended to benefit from this workout, seeing as how aerobic step provides for flexibility training. As a final component of your body that receives a benefit from aerobic step, your mind and mental health are also supposed to improve as the repeated motion of continually stepping up and down can be considered fun, even enjoyable. This can provide stress relief.

Safe and Proper Use of Aerobic Step

Since aerobic step merely involves using the elevated platform of the step, the moves involved are very easy to mimic and do properly. Note that you can actually adjust the height of your step by simply placing risers under it; this will allow you to tailor it to your tastes and abilities. A step consists of just stepping the first foot and then the other on to the elevated platform and then stepping the first and second foot, respectively, back to the floor. Watch out for certain instructors who will force you to tap your foot rather than all-out shift your weight, by way of their insistence on switching their moves very quickly between steps. However, beginners who may not be adept enough to handle this quick tap move should take heart in the smooth or tap-free move that has feet moving constantly without having to rely on the aforementioned tap, which can get tricky. If you're taking an aerobic step class, be prepared to do about 32 beats in a workout set as instructors generally choreograph their classes in this fashion.

Types of Exercises with Aerobic Step

Because of its relative simplicity that sees you only requiring a step to do the exercises, the number of exercises possible through aerobic step is considerable. Some common moves that you may come across during your aerobic step exercise classes are the I-Step, the L-Step, the Split Step, the Straddle Down, the V-Step, the Basic Step, the Corner Knee, the T-Step, the Repeater Knee, the Over the Top and then just your basic Lunges.

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