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Activities Where Athletic Shoes May Hinder Your Workout

Wearing athletic shoes while performing certain exercises may cause balance and stability issues. On the other hand, a proper fitting shoe with ankle support and padded soles offers better stepping ground for some activities, such as Pilates or yoga.


Find an athletic shoe that has enough ankle support and roll protection. Performing certain Pilates stretches that involve stepping boxes or fast paced foot movement often result in damaged ligaments and tendons. Wearing tightly laced athletic shoes during these exercises will reduce the risk of injury. Reducing injury and increasing mobility during exercise stand out as two key benefits that some shoes provide. The right shoe should be light enough to step fast and not interfere with some technical stretches that can be encountered during yoga sessions.

Problematic Issues

Athletic shoes that fit too loosely often increase the risk of injury, but a shoe that fits too tight will not allow the feet to properly breathe and the right amount of blood circulation to take place. Stretching in yoga or taking part in leg exercises during Pilates calls for light feet, often free of bulky footwear. Some athletic shoe designs offer too much support, adding weight through thick rubber soles or exterior padding. Avoiding a hefty shoe will provide better results for those engaged in agility-based exercises or specific folding and bending exercises where the feet need room to move. Some surfaces get damaged by shoes with certain sole patterns and material composition. Some yoga mats and Pilates equipment require their users to go shoeless.

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