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The Balke 15-Minute Run Fitness Test

The Balke 15-minute run fitness test was designed by Bruno Balke. This test is used extensively in the sports field for measuring aerobic fitness. The Balke 15-minute run test can help to predict VO2max with the help of a formula. The main aim of this test is to measure the body’s ability to use oxygen while running.

Procedure for the Balke 15-Minute Run Test

The Balke 15-minute run fitness test was initially performed outdoors. However, it can also be performed indoors. The test requires a flat running or oval track and marking cones. You'll also need a stop watch. The markers are placed at intervals around the track. This is required to measure the total distance. There are no set intervals, so you can place them at equal distances based on your preference.

Once this is done, you have to run for 15 minutes continuously around the track. The objective is to cover as much distance as you can in the available time. The distance covered at the end of 15 minutes is recorded. As this fitness test measures the distance covered, walking is also allowed. However, it's important to maintain a constant pace and push yourself as much as you can.

Method for Calculating the Score

There are quite a few formulas that can be used to calculate VO2max from the distance score covered. Listed below are the two most popular formulas:


VO2max = 6.5 + 12.5 x kilometers covered


VO2 = 0.172 x (meters / 15 - 133) + 33.3

Benefits of the Test

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