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The Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits of S Factor Workouts

S factor workouts are actually a lot more exciting than the hum-drum name implies. From pole dancing to lap dancing, they focus on the movements that are typically used by many exotic dancers. They have become more and more popular over the last decade or so, as more men and women have embraced their sexuality and accepted the exotic dancing industry as a part of American culture. In fact, there are plenty of gyms that currently offer S factor classes to their members. If your gym doesn't offer S factor classes, though, there are also many private teachers that can show you how to do a workout properly. S factor workouts also have a number of great aerobic and anaerobic benefits, too. So by participating in a class, you'll do more than just spice up your current workout routine.

Aerobic Benefits of S Factor Workouts

When you participate in an S factor class, you will be breathing heavily and your heart rate will increase. You may even break a sweat. This is all good for your body because it delivers aerobic benefits that will help keep you in shape. When you do S factor workouts, your body is forced to take in oxygen to supplement your muscles. This oxygen helps break down fat in your body and helps you lose weight. It can also improve circulation. These are some aerobic benefits of S factor workouts.

Anaerobic Benefits of S Factor Workouts

At some point during S factor workouts, your body is going to need to kick things into second gear to make sure you maintain your performance. When this happens, you will switch into an anaerobic workout, which forces your muscles to work harder. They do not get as much oxygen as before so they get a level of stress placed upon them. This is good for your body, though, because you can tighten and tone your muscles through anaerobic exercise. S factor workouts also include a variety on non-traditional body movements on the pole that target muscles that you may not normally work out.

If you are not a flexible person, S factor workouts can help you change that. Your muscles must be flexible enough to perform the required movements, therefore as you work up to being able to perform these movements, your flexibility will increase. You can also tighten your legs, arms, buttocks and core muscles through S factor workouts. The nature of the S factor workout will help you achieve these goals.

Trying S Factor Workouts

If you are shy about using S factor workouts, you may be able to get private lessons at your local gym or by hiring a personal S factor instructor. There are also many DVD videos that focus on S factor workouts. These videos allow you to get a workout right at home and get the benefits of this exciting new fitness craze.

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