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Proper Technique for Your Home Cardio Routine

Completing home cardio can be difficult. Typically, people turn to home cardio during the winter season when it gets cold outside and they can't walk or run outside. Whatever your reasons are to work out at home, you have probably turned to expensive workout equipment or even a workout video to try and get the job done. 

Here are just a few options for completing a cardio workout at home:

Home Cardio Routine #1

The good thing about doing home cardio is that you can spice things up. Unlike running around a track outside, you have the option to tailor your workouts at your house. For instance, one thing that you can do is to complete a set cardio routine everyday right at home. You can do this by creating a complete cardio home routine that includes exercises like lateral box shuffles, jumping rope, jumping jacks and box marches.

The key to doing this exercises properly is to learn how to do them and then slowly implement them into your daily routine. For instance, to jump rope, you will obviously need a jump rope. You'll need to stand straight with good posture and bend your knees slightly to cut down on the impact you put on your knees as you jump over the jump rope. Same goes for jumping jacks; when you jump, spread your arms and legs out and return to the floor. Keep your knees bent slightly, because you do not want to injure yourself.

Home Cardio Routine #2

If you can afford it, a home cardio routine can include several different pieces of workout equipment. For instance, you can implement a stationary bike or a treadmill to help you workout. If you choose to do this, make sure you place the equipment in an area that has plenty of space to avoid accidents. Additionally, you should be conscious of the fact that you can get injured if you do not focus on what you're doing as you exercise.

If you're riding a bike, do so just as you would if you were outside. Keep your hands on the handlebars, arch your back slightly, and keep your head facing forward. If you're on a treadmill, bend your knees as you jog, use your arms to keep yourself balanced as you run, and keep your head facing forward as you would if you were running outside. The key is to be safe as you complete your home cardio workout on exercise equipment.

Home Cardio Routine #3

Watching a workout DVD is a great way to complete a home cardio routine. Whether the workout DVD focuses on Pilates, yoga or regular cardio, this option is often the safest because you essentially have someone telling you exactly how to position your body. If you choose to use a workout DVD, make sure that you stretch beforehand (if the DVD does not already include a stretching portion of the video) and do exactly what you see on the screen. If you are moving around, make sure that you do so in an area with plenty of extra space. Maintain proper technique by following what the trainer on screen says. Bend your knees, stay attentive, and never lose focus.

Regardless of what workouts you do, home cardio can be incredibly good for your body. The hardest thing is sticking with it. But, if you follow the proper technique for home cardio and work hard, you'll be in great shape as a result of your home cardio.

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