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Hula Hoop? 3 Surprising Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes have been around for years, helping people get into shape and stay fit through the power of group encouragement and support. While traditional classes are a great way to help you lose weight, tone muscle and increase strength, balance and confidence, there are 3 new types of fitness classes emerging that take group fitness to an all new level: weighted hula hoop cardio classes, hula hoop dance classes and circus hooping classes.

1. Weighted Hula Hoop Group Fitness Classes

Although it's generally considered a children's game, hula hooping offers many physical benefits for people of all ages. Hula hoop group fitness classes use weighted hula hoops that range anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds and are easily transportable. Hula hooping exercises mainly work your torso and core, but can also increase your balance and strengthen your legs.

It may be a fairly new concept, but hula hooping is one that will pay off with practice. The way hula hooping concentrates on working your core muscles a specific way helps to tone and strengthen your abs, lower back, hips and arms.

2. Hula Hoop Dance Classes

Hula hoop dance classes are some of the most invigorating ones available. Incorporating rhythm, cardio and strength training as well as muscle toning exercises, hula hoop dance can serve as an alternative to traditional workouts. You can find these classes at many gyms and private studios. Because they offer classes for a variety of skill levels, you can enjoy the benefits of hula hoop dance even as a beginner.

The only pieces of equipment you need to bring to a hula hoop dance class are your hoop and your perseverance. Your clothing should be flexible but not too loose. Yoga attire works great. You can wear your regular sneakers to your classes as long as they are comfortable, flexible and provide your feet with ample support.

3. Circus Hooping Group Fitness Classes

Circus hooping group fitness classes are different than others because they utilize sets of specific hula hooping tricks to get your heart rate up and your body working. It's a growing trend around the world that efficiently tones your abdominal muscles while working out your quads, calves and hips. The tricks range from simple to difficult, and each focuses on a specific group of muscles, giving you a workout that is fun and challenging.

In circus hooping classes, you use the hoop to perform series of tricks and stunts that require great strength and stamina in all parts of your body. This type of hooping gives you a total body workout and exercises your stamina, flexibility, balance and strength.

There is more creativity and ingenuity in group fitness classes now than ever before. If you want to change up your workout regimen while maintaining your calorie-burning goals, try one of these classes. You can expect a great workout and plenty of encouragement every time.

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