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How to Perform the International Physical Fitness Test

A great way to measure your fitness level is to perform the International Physical Fitness Test. This test is designed to objectively and accurately gauge one’s physical fitness level. The United States Sports Academy and The Supreme Council for Youth Sports developed the IPFT in 1977. Since then, it has been adopted by countries around the globe. It measures speed, strength and stamina. As well as measuring height and weight, the test consists of consists of five elements:

  1. 50-meter sprint test
  2. Flexed Arm Hang
  3. 10-meter shuttle run
  4. Back throw
  5. 1,000 meter run

50-Meter Sprint Test

This tests ones speed and acceleration. You will need a flat open space of at least 70 meters and a stopwatch. Cones or measuring tap are helpful but not necessary. In order to complete this test, create a starting line. When the timer gives the signal, you will run as fast as possible across 50 meters. This will be timed and you will be given two chances to complete your best time.

Flexed Arm Hang

The flexed arm-hang tests strength and endurance. For this exercise, you will need a stopwatch and a stationary bar higher than the individuals height so their feet will not touch the ground. The best way to do this is as follows. Climb up on a step stool or a ladder and grab the bar with your palms facing away from you. Have your hands shoulder length apart. When the timer says “Go”, step off the stool or ladder and hang with your chin above the bar. Hang for as long as you possibly can. As soon as your chin falls below the bar, the timer will stop the clock. The disadvantage of this test is that the individuals weight has an effect.

10-Meter Shuttle Run

This run tests not only acceleration, but agility as well. For this, you will need two markers, a stopwatch and a flat surface. To complete this test, put the two markers 10 meters away from each other. When the timer starts, run as fast as you can from one line to the other and back. Do this twice. You must make sure you touch each line or marker.

Back Throw

This exercise tests strength and over all body power. For this test, you will need an 8 lb shot put, some tape measure, and a clear open area. Create a starting line, and turn your back towards the open space where the ball will be thrown. Put your heals at the edge of the tape, bend your knees, and when ready, throw the ball behind you with both hands as far as you can. Throw it at a 45-degree angle for the greatest distance. Wherever the ball hits first will be the point to measure to. Go ahead and do this twice, and take the better of the two distances. Make sure the area is clear, as this can be dangerous to bystanders.

1,000-Meter Run

In order to complete this speed and endurance test, you will need a stopwatch and a track. When the timer starts, run as fast as possible for 1,000 meters. Upon completion, record the time. Walking is permitted, but not encouraged. Try to run as fast as possible. The time will be recorded in minutes and seconds.

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