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How to Kickbox for Men

For men, learning how to kickbox is not just a way to combine Eastern and Western fighting styles; it also adds up to an excellent workout for men. This article explains a little bit about kickboxing, as well as bootcamp exercises. Lastly, it details a typical bootcamp workout.

Advantages of Kickboxing

One of the great advantages men gain when kickboxing is that it allows them to train their whole body. A second advantage is that these exercises burn a large chunk of calories, in only a little time.

Kickboxing vs. Bootcamp Exercises

There are two basic types of workouts men can engage in. There are your basic kickboxing workouts, but there are also your bootcamp workouts, as well. So, let’s look at each of these in a little more detail.

Kickboxing workouts

A man's kickboxing workout involves various combinations, including kicks, as well as punches and knees utilized in quick successions. You will notice the tempo of this workout is slightly faster than a typical kickboxing class.

Bootcamp workouts

In contrast to kickboxing workouts, male bootcamp routines most often include defensive drills, which may include head movements and blocking maneuvers. It’s also worth noting that beginners ought to be certain they are developing correct form and focus, even more than developing speed. And don’t worry because with time, increased speed will also be a byproduct of this workout. When you’re working on bootcamp exercises, you will more than likely utilize body weights to train your physique’s balancing abilities.

Outlining a Typical Bootcamp Workout

So, you’re probably wondering what a specific man's kickboxing bootcamp workout might look like. Below is a sample bootcamp workout. Obviously, these can vary from person to person. But, it should at least give you a template to begin with.

  • Warm up: Warm up by alternating high knees and active stretching, with jumping jacks for about five minutes.
  • Boxing: Next, box for three minutes by doing basic combinations, which might include hook and cross, jabs, and cross and cross.
  • Stretch: Now, do 20 body squats and follow this with limited mountain climbers.
  • Kicking: Kick for three minutes, in a similar manner to how you did the punching, which may include round kicks and side kicks.
  • Burpees and Boxing: After kicking, do about 20 burpees, followed by boxing combinations where you conclude with a knee strike. You might want to mix in a jab or a cross and a strike. However, whenever putting together combinations, make sure they’re at your skill level.
  • More Body Squats and Burpees: Next, do 20 more body squats, which should be followed by an variation of 10 burpees.
  • More Boxing (With Kicks): Now, do some more boxing with kick combinations. Just as you did with your punches and knees, be certain that these are combinations you have mastered.
  • Jogging in between: You might also consider jogging in between sessions. That way you will help keep your cardiovascular rate up.

By implementing the above routine, men will get the sort of exercise they need, as well as learn how to master many basic kickboxing techniques. This is a great practice for men to get in shape, and then stay in shape by using these techniques on a regular basis.

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