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Calories Burned Sprinting vs Jogging: The Surprising Truth

If you're trying to lose weight, the number of calories burned during a single workout is a very important thing to keep in mind. The number of calories you're able to burn will help you to create a deficiency of calories in your body. For every 3,000 calories that you're able to burn by dieting and exercising, you can lose a single pound. Some experts argue that sprinting can help you to lose more calories, while others say jogging and putting in an endurance workout is the better way to burn calories. The truth is that both sides have a point and that you can burn a lot of calories using either method. But you need to understand the facts about both in order to decide which is better for you.

Calories Burned Sprinting

Sprinting is, like it sounds, a form of running that involves you moving very quickly. Sprinting can be much more intense than jogging and can cause you to lose a ton of calories. The only problem with sprinting is that it can cause you to burn out more quickly. If you can jog for about 30 minutes normally and try sprinting the whole time, you'll likely be fatigued in about half the time. So while sprinting can cause you to burn calories more quickly, you won't be getting in a quality endurance workout, and endurance is very important to you if you want to burn calories.

Calories Burned Jogging

As opposed to sprinting for shorter spurts of time, jogging is a very efficient way to burn calories over a longer period of time. Maintaining endurance can help you burn calories continuously for as long as you run. This is one reason jogging is so popular among people who work out regularly. As opposed to sprinting, you can lose calories over a longer period of time and get a better workout in without totally fatiguing yourself.

Blending Sprinting and Jogging

The surprising truth is that, to get the ultimate workout, you should learn how to use both sprinting and jogging to your advantage. Recent studies have suggested that using sprinting and jogging is a great way to burn a maximum amount of calories. You can do this in one of two ways: You can jog as you normally do and then sprint after your regular workout to achieve good results. Or, you can jog as you normally do and work in short sections of your run when you focus on sprinting. Doing sprints in intervals during a jog has become one of the more popular ways to get the benefits of both sprinting and jogging. It's also a great way to burn a lot of calories by altering your workout slightly.

Endurance is important if you're focused on calories burned. Keep this in mind if you are currently using sprinting or jogging as your main method of exercise.

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