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Beat Boredom with this Women's Fitness Program

Variety is the spice of life and the key to avoiding boredom in a women's fitness program. Many think of exercise as several sessions on a treadmill or stair-master a week, but the monotony of these routines can turn many off from working out at all. Most things that get you moving and your heart rate up count as quality cardiovascular workouts, so be sure to think outside the box. Support this aspect of your fitness program with a few strength workouts and stretching sessions a week. The key to staying motivated in a fitness program is finding something you actually like to do. Read below for a diverse array of components for a entertaining workout schedule.

Interval Cardio

The key to a solid cardio workout is an elevated heart rate, so look to lengthy bouts of exercise that will you get sweating and out of breath. Intervals, which alternate high outputs with recovery periods make workouts go by quicker and get you used to hitting different speeds. If you're more of a traditionalist, go for a long run, but make it interesting by plotting a unique course every different time you run, and look for scenic routes. Also, craft yourself a playlist with songs of different tempos. Mix it up so faster songs alternate with slower songs, and allow your running pace to reflect the song's speed. If you're on a cardio machine at the gym, work to the tune of a TV show. Pedal, run or step at a faster speed during the actual programming and recover and lower your speed during the commercials.

Strength & Stretch

Strength training can feel like a particularly monotonous or bland aspect of working out for women, so be sure to think creatively when planning this component of your fitness plan. If you're a member of a gym, look for group fitness classes. These are usually set to music and involve fluid routines, with instructors bouncing quickly from one weightlifting exercise to the next, leaving little time for boredom. If you're not a member of a gym, invest in a set of free weights for home and turn up your speakers.

Stretching should be added to the end of each of your workouts, but it's beneficial to dedicate one day a week to a solid session of stretching. Yoga and pilates are both great forms of exercise that promote balance and flexibility, and also help you relax in the process. If you don't have access to these sorts of classes at a gym, you can buy numerous DVDs that you can do at home. You can also do stretching and breathing exercises while watching your favorite TV show.


This should be a cardio workout as well, but make it a different, slightly more eccentric form of aerobic exercise. Think of Latina or hip-hop dance sessions. The high tempo and tight legwork will work your different muscles, keep your heart rate up and build endurance. This constant movement will keep your mind off the clock and make you feel more like you had a night out than a high-intensity workout.

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