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4 Marathons for Intermediates

Running a marathon is the greatest challenge for a runner who wants to take it to another level--a level that involves running 26.2 miles. This level may not be for the beginner, but if you have some experience, then it is a challenge worth taking on.

The intermediate runner has this experience and a regular training program. It is essential to be ready because a marathon takes both a prepared body and mind. The intermediate runner must have confidence to be ready for this grueling running challenge. If this is you, then the opportunities to find a great marathon are plentiful.

The general ingredients that make a specific marathon a great place to start for the intermediate runner are such things as course type, scenery, body comfort and challenge. The following is a list of marathons that take into consideration these ingredients:

1. Bayshore Marathon

The intermediate runner knows it will take a lot of training to get through a marathon. However, the runner might not know there are different types of marathon courses. The type of course can matter, especially if you are looking for a run that fits your style. Therefore, the type of course is crucial. A trail marathon with steep hills may not be the best place to start. Instead, a course that is relatively flat would be ideal. One such marathon is the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, Michigan. This course is flat, shaded and paved giving you a run on a great course.

2. Big Sur Marathon

Running is difficult, so one way to add some ease to your run is to do it in a location that is inspiring and beautiful. Great scenery can lessen your stresses. A view of the water, trees or mountains can make the run more enjoyable. The Big Sur Marathon in Carmel, California is one run that is great for scenery. This rural race has views of the mighty redwoods and Pacific Ocean. Both are inspiring and in turn energizing.

3. X-Country Marathon

The body takes on plenty of stress during a marathon, so as an intermediate, you need to build the body up to take the pounding the feet take. However, until then it is good to run on courses that are easier on the body. The X-Country Marathon in the Alafia State Park in Florida is a great course for body-stress management. This course has wide, grassy dirt paths that will be easier on your feet and mind. It also takes place in late autumn when the weather in Florida is ideal.

4. St. Louis Marathon

You may be a runner who want an immediate challenge. A city run may be just the place. However, you may not feel confident in running the Boston or New York Marathons. But the race in St. Louis may be the right place to see if you can successfully navigate a city run. This marathon has inclines and declines, but these hills are not overwhelming. A city marathon presents the challenge of running on paved streets, so be prepared.

There are a variety of marathons around the United States and there is probably one in your city. However, if your experience level is not yet expert, it may be crucial to where you pick to register for a race. The expert is prepared for all race challenges, and the intermediate might not yet know of all the potential hurdles. By examining your concerns and understanding your strengths, you can pick the right marathon to run in.

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