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4 Cardio Group Fitness Classes to Try

When you're looking to add some variety to your workout routine, there are numerous group fitness classes for you to try. While the offerings will vary from gym to gym, most fitness facilities essentially offer the same kinds of classes, especially when it comes to popular and in-demand new types of cardio like Zumba. The beauty of taking all kinds of classes is the fact that you'll keep your cardiovascular workouts fresh and avoid boredom in the process. Here are 4 group fitness classes for you to try as you hit the gym.

1. Zumba

Zumba is currently one of the hottest and most popular group fitness classes out there. A combination of dance-inspired movements, cardiovascular activity and fun Latin music, the class feels more like a high energy dance party than a rigid workout. Zumba is great for people of all fitness levels - both seasoned fitness enthusiasts and those who have never set foot in a gym can obtain a challenging workout from the class. Because it's so popular, Zumba classes can be found at practically every gym. If you wish to find a class near you, check out Zumba's official website.

2. Kick Boxing

If you're looking to try something high impact, Kick Boxing is a great option. Expect to spend a good portion of the class focusing on various punches and also different kinds of kicks. Not only is Kick Boxing an intense cardio workout, it's also good for toning your muscles. The punches you do throughout class will help you to sculpt your arms, and the kicking portion will help define your legs and behind.

3. Boot Camp

The class is what the name implies: an intense Boot Camp style class. Best for those who aren't brand new to a fitness routine, Boot Camp combines intense sets of drills (think sprints, push ups, jumping jacks and squats) to target every muscle in your body. Even during the toning sections, your heart rate will be elevated. Essentially, Boot Camp is an interval class. You'll switch from toning exercises to cardio drills, allowing for maximum calorie burning. If you're looking to kick your workout up to a higher level, consider adding this class into your routine once or twice a week.

4. Spinning

Great for those looking to build their endurance, spinning is a group fitness class where you spend the entire length of the class on a specially designed stationary bike. Throughout the class you'll vary your pace. The spinning instructor will cue you to increase your speed and resistance. Don't be intimidated by this class. If you're new to spinning, the bike will take some getting used to. However, more than any other group fitness class, the intensity of spinning is really up to you. You manually change the settings on your bike, so you can make it as difficult or easy as you'd like.

These are only a few of many types of cardio group fitness classes available. Check your gym to see what is offered.

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