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3 Reasons Why You Need 30 Minutes of Cardio a Day to Lose Weight

Cardio is short for cardiovascular, and just 30 minutes of cardio each day can contribute in meaningful ways to your weight loss goals. Cardio can also refer to cardiovascular exercise, and another term for this is aerobic exercise. Cardio exercise simply refers to your heart, specifically, getting your heart rate up and keeping it elevated for a certain period of time. Many forms of exercise can qualify as cardiovascular exercise, such as running, fast walking, jogging or swimming, especially when there is no break during your exercise. Here are three reasons why you need 30 minutes of cardio a day to lose weight.

1. Strengthening of Your Muscles

While the benefits of cardio exercise include the strengthening of many muscles throughout your entire body, there are specific muscles that are vital which get huge benefits. The two biggest muscles that enjoy positive effects from cardio workouts are the ones which you employ in respiration, as well as your heart muscle. The muscles you use for respiration are benefited by the promotion of the flow of air in and out of your lungs; as a result, they are made stronger. Your heart muscle, thanks to the effects of cardio exercises, will begin to grow larger and increase its pumping efficiency, while also resting its heart rate. This effect is technically known as aerobic conditioning.

2. Benefits for Your Heart

It should come as no surprise that doing cardio exercises benefits your heart a great deal, specifically that it reduces your risk of actually expiring due to cardiovascular ordeals. Doing cardio will increase the efficiency of the circulation of your blood, which leads to more nutrients being delivered throughout your body, courtesy of better flowing blood. It also acts to fight off the tendency for you to develop high blood pressure. The number of red blood cells will increase, and this has the beneficial effect of ensuring that more oxygen is delivered all throughout your body.

3. Performance Benefits

Health reasons like losing weight are not the only attraction to cardio workouts; the secondary effect of doing cardio is that you are the recipient of improved performance at a number of activities. For instance, your endurance levels will go up because your muscles will be more capable of storing energy-producing molecules such as those from carbohydrates and fats. Another performance benefit is that you will see your body improve the rate at which aerobic metabolism is started up in your muscles; this permits a larger share of your energy for heavy-duty exercise to be produced aerobically. Finally, your recuperation time increases from doing cardio, as in the time it takes for your muscles to recuperate after doing demanding workouts.

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