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3 Low Impact Walking Workouts

Sometimes, walking around the neighborhood for 30 minutes or hitting the treadmill after work just isn't enough. If you're just starting to exercise regularly, taking a walk can be a good way to blow off some steam and burn calories at the same time. But, let's face it: Walking is not the most exciting thing that you can do. But, luckily there are some simple low impact walking workouts out there that can help you to spice up your exercise routine and get great results. Here are three great low impact walking workouts to try out:

1. Hill Walking

Walking on a level surface can help you lose some weight initially, but you're going to need to take some bigger strides in order to continue to make progress. Hill walking is a challenging low impact activity that can benefit you and your body. In order to do hill walking, all you need is a treadmill that has an incline feature or, better yet, a series of hills in your neighborhood or the local park. All you need to do is walk as you normally do and incorporate these hills into your path. By hill walking, you can strengthen and tone the muscles in your legs, including your calves, hamstrings and quads. Just make sure you start off slow when you start hill walking in order to avoid injuring yourself from doing too much too soon.

2. Walking for Intensity

Making the most out of your walking workout can be as easy as getting through your walking workout a little more quickly. You can build up your intensity during your walking workout by moving more quickly. Keep your same walking form, but try to finish your walk more quickly by increasing the speed that you use to finish it. This can really help strengthen the muscles in your legs and increase your heart rate to the point that you'll be burning calories more quickly than before. Just be sure that you build up your intensity slowly over time so that you don't burn yourself out at first.

3. Walking for Endurance

It takes a lot of self-discipline, but walking for endurance is a great way to challenge yourself and push your body to the limit. Do it by gradually building up the distance that you walk. Set goals for yourself and try to accomplish them. If you are walking three miles everyday today, try to work your way up to five miles by next month. Then, try setting a goal of walking for ten miles within the next few months. Endurance will burn calories steadily and also get your body into great shape.

All three of these walking workouts are relatively low impact when compared to running, jumping rope or even bicycling. Each of them can help you to burn calories and get into shape, but none of them will work you too hard, either. When used properly, these workouts can help you make the most out of your exercise routine and avoid injury. Try using one of these walking workouts to help improve the look and feel of your body today.

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