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3 10K Training Guides for the Gym

To do the best 10K run, you need to go through a variety of 10K training sessions to get to that point. However, there are instances when you can't just do that outside, especially when the weather is nasty. When there's a severe thunderstorm or too much snow, indoor training is the best option. The gym offers a lot of possibilities to help you prep up for a 10K run.

Preparing for a 10K race in the gym may not sound very effective to some, but if you're able to follow these 3 10K training guides, you will realize that indoor training can also help you run the race successfully.

1. Run on the Treadmill

The treadmill is a popular piece of exercise equipment and an excellent tool for getting a 10K workout indoors. Your workout using the treadmill can go like this: Run for a total of 28 minutes while alternating pace. For the first three minutes, run hard. Make sure not to burn yourself out. For the next two minutes, run easy. That should go on until you come to the last three minutes, which is the fastest of the hard running segments.

To get the most out of your treadmill workout, here are some important tips:

  • Don't forget to incline the treadmill 1% or 2% to help you simulate ground running.
  • Perform your usual warm-up and cool down.
  • Be more conscious of your running form.
  • If you incline the treadmill to simulate hills, make sure to use the appropriate recovery time to avoid too much stress on your legs.
  • Do not run on speeds of 8 mph and faster.

2. Use the Elliptical Trainer

Although you might feel a little strange during first use, later on you'll find that the elliptical trainer is similar to cross country running. Most people even begin to enjoy it for occasional variety. So what makes this different from running on a treadmill? This one simulates running or walking without putting too much pressure to the joints. It works your upper and lower body, providing a cardiovascular workout instead of building muscles. To get a workout more similar to running, you can use the elliptical trainer for sessions longer than a typical run. You have to take note not to overuse the equipment during your marathon training. It's always best to use this during your cross training days, combined with spin classes, swimming and other low-impact activities.

3. Use the Indoor Track

If your gym has one, be sure to take advantage of it since it's just like "real running," the closest by far to running outside. You can start by running 3 to 4 miles. Go for a run along the track until you have to stop, and then walk to recover. Don't push yourself to run again if you don't feel fit to do it yet. Once you recover, run again until you need to walk, and so on, until you have completed the track. You have to remember that your first goal is to run about 4 miles without too many stops. Don't overtire yourself just to reach this distance, because it usually takes a month or so to build up to it.

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