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What to Eat to Maintain an Anabolic State

If you are looking to build muscle mass and eliminate fat from your body, you need to try and maintain an anabolic state. An anabolic state is the ideal condition for your body to add pounds of lean muscle while reducing fat. However, in order to achieve this state, you need to make sure that you eat properly, get enough rest and, of course, exercise regularly. Getting rest and exercising is relatively easy to do, but eating properly can be difficult if you're not sure what to add to your diet. You can increase your chances of maintaining an anabolic state by eating some of these foods:


Eating chicken is one way to maintain an anabolic state. Lean cuts of chicken include limited amount of fat and contain the protein that's necessary for your body to build muscle.


Like chicken, tuna contains high levels of protein. One of the great things about tuna is that you do not have to cook it or prepare a fancy meal to get its benefits. By eating a can of tuna, you can help your anabolic state by giving your body plenty of protein in a single serving.


In addition to protein, your body needs plenty of carbohydrates in order to build muscle and create energy for your workouts. Therefore, you need to consume foods like pasta, potatoes and whole-wheat bread to be sure you're delivering enough carbohydrates to your body.

There are just a few of the foods that you need to maintain an anabolic state. Make sure that you're taking in the right kinds of calories in order to make the most of your anabolic state. Also, make sure you take in plenty of water to avoid dehydrating your muscles. This will maximize your results.

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