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7 Little Known Body Weight Facts Disclosed

It is important to remember that body weight is only one factor related to risk for disease. Discuss any concerns you might have about your body weight with your healthcare provider. Below is a list of some little known facts about body weight:

Fact 1: An Average Body Weight Still Could be Harmful

An average of 40-50 pounds is fat for women, with 5-10 pounds of that being intra-abdominal fat. Intra-abdominal fat is not visible, so you can be an average weight and sill have intra-abdominal fat in the higher range. Intra-abdominal fat will cause disruptions of the liver.

Fact 2: Body Weight Measurements Can Be Misleading

The BMI standards for body weight increased over the last 30 years, indicating that a person overweight today (by those standards) might have been just right 30 years ago. 

Fact 3: Some Body Fat Can Be Healthy

Studies show that people who have a little extra body fat, but exercise moderately, are healthier than thin people who get no exercise at all. 

    Fact 4: Body Fat is Linked to Your Thyroid

    The thyroid gland is linked to your metabolism and body temperature. An underactive thyroid gland will slow your metabolism and, therefore, weight loss. An overactive thyroid gland increases the appetite, as well as the metabolism.

    Fact 5: Weight is a Common Problem

    Sixty four percent of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Of the children and teens ages 6-19, almost 9 million are overweight.

    Fact 6: BMI is Sometimes Useful

    Body Mass Index (BMI) is the number that comes from your height and weight and is a reliable indicator of body fatness for some people. Used as a screening tool for possible weight problems in adults, BMI is not a diagnostic tool.

    Pounds and inches Formula: weight (lb) / [height (in)] 2 x 703

    To calculate BMI, divide weight in pounds (lbs) by height in inches (in) squared, and multiply it by a conversion factor of 703.

    Fact 7: Lean Body Weight Includes Everything But Fat

    Your total body weight has two components, lean and fat weight. Lean weight refers to essentially everything except fat: bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and water. This is the majority of weight in your body and is weight which should not be reduced, unless you are retaining water. Fat weight, obviously, refers to the fat cells in the body. Studies show the most accurate way of measuring lean weight is by weighing yourself underwater.

    Remember that it has taken a long time to develop bad habits, and it will take some time to develop good ones!

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