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4 Core Strength Training Equipment Options

If you have decided to get in shape and have a well toned body, there is a range of strength training equipment available to help you get started. Exercise equipment can be classified in two broad categories: cardio and strength training equipment. Both of these exercises, along with stretching, are essential for a fit body.

Cardio exercises are very beneficial for the heart and help burn fat by increasing the heart rate. Cardio exercise equipment consists of treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers and elliptical trainers. You can burn calories and get in shape by adopting a different cardio exercise every day.

Strength training is more diverse and needs a wide range of fitness equipment like weight machines, free weights, etc. Resistance or balancing equipment can also be used for efficient strength training. If you have a good weight training regimen, you can build your muscular strength, which in turn helps in maintaining the results of a cardio exercise. 

Option 1 - Free Weights

Free weights are widely preferred by many fitness freaks, as it allows you to use your muscles to maintain the balance of your body as you lift the weights. Free weights are available in different sizes, shapes and weights. Round weights can be placed on the ends of the barbells or used on their own.

Option 2 - Weight Machines

Weight machines are popular strength training equipment. They are simple and safe to use, and allow you to lift heavy weights for a workout. The pulleys of the weight machines are attached with a stack of incremental weights that you can lift by pushing or pulling other parts of the machine. You can select the amount of weight you want to lift, and adjust the machine according to your body type.

Option 3 - Hammer Strength

Hammer Strength equipment is also a good choice for strength training. You can choose from a range of equipment for front pull-downs, leg curls, leg extensions, chest press and other strength training exercises. Hammer strength equipment is used in most gyms today. It is very effective for core strength training.

Option 4 - Home Gyms

Home gyms are a great option if you prefer to workout at home. There are many people who do not have the time to go to a gym. There is a range of strength training equipment that you can consider for your home like treadmills, Bowflex machines, etc. You can also get a bike, elliptical cross trainers, exercise balls, etc. for your home gym.

Some strength training exercises do not need weights. You can use your body weight for resistance. Crunch machines for abdominals and chin up bars for biceps are some of popular strength training equipment.  Resistance and balance exercise equipment is also good for strength training. Resistance training helps to increase bone mass and improve muscle strength.

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