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How Climate Change Will Affect Your Health

Research has shown that climate change will have a serious impact on human physical and mental health. Read More »

Bottled Waters, Ranked

Ever wondered if there's an actual difference between the world's best bottled waters? To find out, you need to go straight to the source. 7. Evian ... Read More »

7 Unique Ways to Get a Full Body Workout

Sometimes, heading to the gym for a workout can feel like punishment. For the days when you just can't seem to drag yourself there, try ... Read More »

What You Need (but Probably Don't Want) to Know About Bugs Crawling Into Your Body

A video of a roach in a woman's skull recently went viral. Could it happen to you? The answer might surprise you. Read More »

What's the Deal With Tickling?

For some people, tickling hardly elicits a response. For others, it’s pure agony. What’s the deal? Read More »

The Ghost in Your Shell: A Brief History of Science's Search for the Soul

Most major religions point to the existence of the soul. But while religious groups have long since taken the concept of the soul on faith, ... Read More »

Can You Really Cure Hep C?

New drugs are being marketed as the "cure" for hepatitis C. So are they? Read More »

Around the World in 5 Diseases: How and Where You'll Get Sick While Traveling

From dengue fever to swine flu, 2017 has already been a disastrous year for disease outbreaks. Hepatitis A: Colorado According to local health officials, the state ... Read More »

Your Smartphone Is Grosser Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Few of our day-to-day items come into contact with the sheer number of microorganisms — that includes bacteria, microbes, fungi, and viruses — that smartphones do. Other ... Read More »

The Keto Diet Will Help You Lose Weight — But Is It Safe?

Ever since the Bulletproof Coffee craze, the keto diet has been gaining momentum. But this diet has been around a lot longer than most people ... Read More »

5 Ways Your Co-Workers Are Getting You Sick

When flu season hits, there's no way to guarantee you won't get sick—even if you do everything right. When your co-workers commit these "cold"... Read More »

5 Drugs That Are No Longer Legal In The U.S.

These drugs were pulled from the market when the FDA decided that their risks outweighed the benefits. But in some cases, the damage was already ... Read More »

33 Weird Facts You Didn't Know About Your Eyes

Read on for some eye-opening facts about the human eye. 1. The first “eyes” evolved approximately 550 million years ago. These primitive eyes were actually clusters of ... Read More »

17 Weird 90s Foods You Forgot Existed

The 90s were a strange time. Before parents started getting woke about trans fats, refined grains, sodium, and high-fructose corn syrup, they were practically letting ... Read More »

Can You Have Too Much Sex?

Most people are concerned they’re not having enough sex. So is it even possible to have too much? Read More »

How Worried Should You Be About Stains in Your Hotel Room

Just how likely are you to get sick from your hotel room? Read More »

Can You Really Go Blind from Drinking Moonshine?

The short answer? Yes. The long answer? It’s complicated. Read More »

When Shouldn't You Disclose an Allergy?

Do you have a self-diagnosed food allergy? Stop ruining things for people who have actual allergies. Read More »

How Bad is Shampoo for Your Hair?

The no 'poo movement claims shampoo is overrated. But could excessive shampooing actually damage your hair? Read More »

The Strange, Brief History of the Quaalude

Quaaludes were to the 70s as ecstasy was to the 90s. Today, they've disappeared without a trace. Read More »

You Can Now Swim in a Beer Swimming Pool — but Should You?

Some people visit Austria to immerse themselves in a centuries-old beer brewing tradition. Others go to immerse themselves in beer. Literally. Read More »

How Dangerous is it to Bleach Your Anus?

Porn stars may have popularized this procedure, but today it's reaching the back doors of everyday people. Read More »

Would You Go to a Robo-Brothel?

Man has been obsessed with creating the "perfect" sex partner for centuries. With artificial intelligence, that goal is closer than ever. Read More »

10 Seriously Impressive Things Women Have Done While Pregnant

Serena Williams recently took home the Australian Open title in her first trimester, joining a long line of women who haven't let pregnancy stop them ... Read More »

I Could Just Eat You Up! — Why We Want to Eat Cute Things

Ever felt like you had to stop yourself from biting an overly adorable baby/kitten/puppy? Turns out you're not alone. Read More »

Subway's 50 Percent Soy "Chicken" and 5 Other Times Fast Food Betrayed You

A new investigative report has revealed that Subway might be hiding something in its chicken patties. Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About the First-Ever Head Transplant

Is a Frankenstein-like future set to become a reality? Read More »

How To Ditch Your Razor Forever

Hair removal has gone high-tech. Could itchy stubble become a thing of the past? Read More »

3 Health and Fitness Conspiracy Theories Debunked

These three prominent conspiracy theories have changed the way that we think about health. 1. Vaccines cause autism. Vaccine conspiracy theories have been around nearly as ... Read More »