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Whatever You Do, Don't Wear Makeup to the Gym

In 2017 there's pressure to always be selfie-ready and look incredible, even when you're at the gym. We understand, and we hear your concerns, but you ... Read More »

6 Actors Who Endured Hectic Fitness Regimes for a Movie Role

With the recent release of Wonder Woman we got thinking about how Gal Gadot transformed her body for the role of the superwoman, but she's ... Read More »

7 Workouts That'll Help You Get the Most Bootylicious of Derrieres

BeyoncĂ© didn't sing a song about being bootylicious for nothing! So, if you've been looking for some exercises to help get your booty into shape ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About the #LoveMyShape Movement

In 2017 there is still a lot of pressure for women to look a certain way, however, inspiring campaigns promoting body positivity for all shapes and ... Read More »

How to Workout When You're Hungover

Whether or not you should work out with a hangover is something that has been disputed in health circles. There are some arguments against working ... Read More »

5 Terrible Health Trends That You Should Forget About

We've all heard of various health trends over the years intended to remove toxins from the body or eliminate fats and GMOs from our diet, ... Read More »

6 of the Best Sunscreens for Summer

As the temperatures increase and we gear up to spend more time in the outdoors, emphasis should be placed on protecting your skin from the ... Read More »